Music Ministry & Fellowship at Immanuel

Positiv Organ – Digital Ranks Expressive

             16’ Contra Viole                    #1-12 Digital, #13-61 Pipe
                8’ Gemshorn                         Pipe
                8’ Voix Celeste II                   Unison Pipe, Celeste Digital
                4’ Principal                            Digital
                4’ Gemshorn                         Pipe
                2’ Oktav                                 Pipe
                1-1/3’ Larigot                        Pipe
                 III Mixture                             Digital
                8’ Krummhorn                      Digital
                8’ Festival Trumpet              Digital
                Tremulant                              (Digital Only)

Pedal Organ
                32’ Contre Bourdon            Digital
                16’ Diapason                         Digital
                16’ Bourdon                          Digital
                16’ Bourdon Dous (Sw)       Pipe
                8’ Octave                               Digital
                8’ Bourdon                            Digital
                4’ Choral Bass                       Pipe
                III Mixture                              Digital
                32’ Contre Posaune             Digital
                16’ Posaune                          Digital
                16’ Bassoon (Sw)                  Digital
                8’ Trompette                         Digital
                4’ Clarion                               Digital

            8’ Great to Pedal
                8’ Swell to Pedal
                8’ Positiv to Pedal
                8’ Swell to Great
                8’ Positiv to Great
                8’ Swell to Positiv

In addition to the Music Ministry of Immanuel Lutheran, we are proud to be the rehearsal space for two community based musical organizations.  The Lake Erie Flute Choir and the Flagship City Chorus, a treble barbershop style chorus, both are in residence at Immanuel.  The education wing offers the ability for additional rehearsal space and private instruction, and the Sanctuary offers an even and responsive space for musical performance as well as the spoken word. 

The Sanctuary and Education wing are equipped with two Baldwin upright pianos.  The instrument in the Sanctuary has been custom voiced to match the demands of the larger space.  A three octave compliment of hand bells manufactured by Malmark are maintained for the bell choir.

The primary instrument for congregational worship is a hybrid pipe-digital instrument.  In 2004 a Three Manual Allen Renaissance organ was installed in the rear gallery of the church.  This instrument replaced a Rodgers instrument from 1974.  In 2004 the choir loft was abandoned primarily for accessibility and participation of the choir, and treated as an organ chamber.  In the years following 2004 a pipe façade, and six rank pipe organ has been installed to work in conjunction with the Allen Organ which serves as the interface of the two instruments.  Details are as follows:

Immanuel Adult Choir
Immanuel’s Volunteer Adult Choir meets on Thursday Evenings from September to May and provide special music primarily at the 10:45 service each week, and special music at the 8:15 service on festival Sundays.  The primary role of the choir is to lead the congregation in communal song, and serve as a resource for challenging music to enrich the worship experience.  Although a volunteer outgrowth of music ministry, the talent and dedication of the choir members has served in a semi-professional capacity with performances of the Faure Requiem, and Vivaldi’s Magnificat, both solo and in conjunction with the Mercyhurst University Choir.  This is a group that welcomes all levels of talents and enjoys all opportunities for collaboration and sharing the gift of music in all forms in the community.

Bell Choir
A volunteer organization of dedicated musicians that meets on Thursday Evenings from September to May to provide four to six engagements of special music throughout the liturgical year.  The bell choir has worked in conjunction with small groups and the adult choir in addition to their solo repertoire.

ILC Quartet
Recently formed from volunteers of the Adult Choir is a quartet that meets on Tuesday Evenings.  The focus of their repertoire expands beyond the traditional music of the Adult Choir with a broader approach that encompasses diversity from all cultures, including modern and popular arrangements.  These individuals are eager to provide special music within the context of Sunday Morning Worship along with seeking community engagements as a means of musical outreach in our community.

About the Director
Bryan Timm is a 2001 graduate of Mercyhurst University with a B.A. in Organ Performance and minor in Business Administration.  His Fellow Certificate was obtained with the American Institute of Organbuilders in 2011, following his apprenticeship with Fischer Pipe Organs and Organ Supply Industries.  He has been active in the Immanuel Music Ministry since 2000, an avid community performer, and board member of Erie Arts and Culture.  He is employed full time as Vice-President of Organ Supply Industries, Inc overseeing manufacturing and product management.

Music Ministry Outreach
Not only is the role of music important to our communal worship, the volunteers and dedicated musicians to music at Immanuel plan and execute many programs for the surrounding community and congregation.  We believe that the gift of music has the ability to uplift spirits and bring the community together.  A few of the regular programs are:

                Beer and Hymns:  A celebration open to the congregation and community that is a more secular celebration that aligns with Twelfth Night.  This event focuses on communal interaction amongst the ILC Congregation, Friends, and Surrounding Community with Food, Beverage, and Music all while supporting local business.
                Trail of Treats:  On Halloween the doors of Immanuel are opened to the public where various stations are set up for the trick or treaters to stop along their way through the Sanctuary.  The event is open during regular trick or treating hours, warm beverages are served and the organ is played to add ambiance to the experience.
                Technology Outreach:  Starting in 2019, all services have been recorded in MP3 format and are accessible to the more technically savvy online.  Through the generosity of music ministry, easily managed and rechargeable listening devices have been provided primarily to those in the Immanuel community who no longer are able to join us in worship on a regular basis. For OneDrive login page, click here:
                Small Group Performances:  The recently formed quartet has begun to make public engagements during the 2019 Advent season to share the gift of music to retirement centers within our local community.

Music Ministry at Immanuel
The focus of Music Ministry at Immanuel centers primarily on the spoken word and enhancing its message through thoughtful and artistic expression that does not distract from the message.  Traditional at the core, our program utilizes the vast musical resources of the congregation and community to uplift and foster communal participation in worship.  Liturgical settings are selected seasonally to maintain familiarity of ritual while providing variety.  The liturgical settings for Pentecost, Christmas, Epiphany, and Easter reflect the celebratory nature of each season with accompaniments that highlight and embellish melodic lines.  The seasons of Advent and Lent provide a more pensive approach by the use of homophonic music that re-enforces the spoken word without the distractions of musical embellishment.  All liturgical planning is based on the standard ELCA lectionary for the appropriate year.  All programs at Immanuel are on a volunteer basis and open to all who share the love of music.

2004 Allen Renaissance Augmented with 1963 Wicks 6 Rank Pipe Organ

Audio Resources:  4 Channel + 1 Bass Channel Audio, HR-200 plus Sunfire Powered Subwoofer

Pipe Resources:  16’ Gedeckt 97 Note, 8’ Salicional 73 Note, 8’ Trumpet 73 Note, 8’ Diapason 85 Note, 8’ Dulciana 73 Note, 8’ Gemshorn 85 Note


Great Organ – Digital Ranks Expressive

            16’ Bourdon Doux (Sw)                        Pipe
                8’ Diapason                                           Pipe
                8’ Flute Harmonic/Gedeckt                    Digital
                8’ Dulciana                                            Pipe
                8’ Voix Celeste (Sw)                            Digital
                4’ Octave                                              Pipe
                4’ Spitzflote                                           Digital
                2’ Spitz Principal                                    Pipe
                IV Mixture                                              Digital
                8’ Trompete                                           Digital
                Tremulant                                              (Digital Only)
                Chimes                                                   Digital

Swell Organ (Expressive)
                16’ Bourdon Doux                               Pipe
                8’ Gedackt                                             Pipe
                8’ Salicional                                           Pipe
                8’ Voix Celeste                                      Digital
                4’ Prestant                                             Digital
                4’ Flute                                                   Pipe
                2-2/3’ Nazard                                        Pipe
                2’ Octavin                                              Pipe
                IV Fourniture                                        Digital
                16’ Basson                                             Digital
                8’ Trompette                                         Pipe
                8’ Hautbois                                            Digital
                4’ Clarion                                               Pipe