The sewers of Immanuel were busy making dresses on May 19th. The pillowcase dresses were donated to girls in need in Haiti.

Please take time to read the thank you letter below.

The Women of Immanuel have been very busy sewing!  An all sew Saturday was held in October to make quilts. Previously the sewers met to make pillowcase dresses for girls in Africa.

Blessing of the Quilts!

Blessing of the Quilts

September 19, 2022

114 Quilts were made in 2022

The dresses are absolutely beautiful and will be a huge blessing to so many girls with little to nothing to wear to church or anywhere for that matter. I will make sure to take pictures and video of these items going directly to the people in need in Christ. And then we will be posting them either directly on our FB  page or perhaps straight to our website photo gallery but either way we will provide documentation of your blessing going exactly where we have said. I'm sure that brother Bill has told you that we are completely void of red tape and excuses when it comes to getting resources to the people in need. Because in Christ, I believe that there's no excuse to have excuses when it comes to getting things done in his name. We are a do what we say and say what we do ministry. Every partnership with the All Power In His Hands team is meaningful to us and again, we are grateful for what you have given. They are truly beautiful and will go to immediate use and relieve the suffering of who Christ calls "The least of us". Please send everyone at Immanuel Lutheran Church our warmest regards, thanks and ask everyone to look out for new posts starting shortly after I arrive back on the 20th. After some decompression probably more like after the 25th or so. In the interim please feel free to visit our site to learn more about what we do and how we do it in Haiti. Please keep me lifted up in prayer while I am gone. Satan gets beside himself when I step foot in Haiti. But he's already defeated.  
God bless you, the congregation, brother Bill and Diane and we will be in touch.
In Christ, Pastor Solomon 



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